Guidelines For Writing Submission

Writers of Faith: “Testimonies of Faith” Book

·         Writing Length: 1500 words MAXIMUM

·         Cite sources (i.e. for info you get elsewhere)

·         Do not negatively misrepresent others

·         Do not use profanity

·         Must be submitted by deadline to be considered

·        Please proofread and spell check prior to submitting

·        One submission per person

·        Content should be clear and easy to convey

·       Suggested Font: Times New Roman – 11 (i.e. font size)

·       Submissions will be edited for printing purposes

·        Submissions must be submitted electronically to the Writers of Faith blog site          ( by the deadline specified

·        No hand-written submissions will be accepted

·        All participants under 18 must have parental consent

·       Submissions are open to members and attendees of Faith Assembly Of God in Orlando Florida.

Common Reason for Rejection

·         Submission deadline not met

·         Guidelines not followed exactly

o   Negatively misrepresents others

o   Use of profanity

·         Incomplete or unclear content