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Let My People Go

Something to think about.

Let My People Go 

1 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go in to Pharaoh and tell him, ‘Thus says the Lord God of the Hebrews: “Let My people go, that they may serve Me. Exodus 9:1

You are Moses you walk into the court of the pharaoh and make this demand. What was going through Moses’s mind?  Did he have any idea what he was getting into? Was it sheer guts, faith or insanity that would bring him back to the scene of the crime and make such an incredible demand.

I don’t know if Moses at this point knew the extent of the mass of humanity he was asking for. He was gone for forty years herding sheep. I don’t know how herding sheep prepared him for something so monumental as moving millions of people from one location to another.  He was asking to do something that had never been done or attempted. Without any help whatsoever. He did not ask Pharoah for provisions to provide for this mass of humanity.

I think the forty years herding sheep taught Moses one thing. The value of isolation with God. I think he spent time learning to communicate and depend on God for all things at all times.  We take it for granted that Moses heard from God. How would Moses have known it was from God if he didn’t know God?  He did not ask Pharaoh to release the nation of Israel because of great leadership skills or intestinal fortitude or spiritual wisdom. He did it because he recognized Him who asked. And He knew that the one who asked Him was sufficient for the task. 

Even though he had spent his childhood and youth in the court of Pharaoh, he spent forty years unlearning everything he had been taught there. He had to learn about dependence on God.  His education was not about leadership logistics, mass migrations. His education was all about learning who God was and how he could be dependant on Him.


“Let My people go” God is still asking the same thing, only He is asking us to be Moses. To know Him well enough to be able to lead a mass migration from death to life in Christ. But for us to succeed in the call of God we must take the time to know who God is. To know that He is the provider of His people, not us.

We want to know how it all plays out before we make the first move. Moses stood before Pharaoh with nothing but a staff and the word of God. God did not show Moses the playbook.? He did not give Him turn by turn instructions. Still, Moses stood before Pharaoh and made this outlandish demand. I wonder if Moses actually expected Pharaoh to comply without resistance. Or did he assume it would be his last day on earth?  

For me, I need to know God well enough to recognize His voice when He speaks to me.