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Business After Hours Report

I want to thank Tamryn for being our guest speaker at our Business After Hours. On October 31st we were challenged, changed and educated by Tamryn Klintworth. A woman who is totally committed to fulfilling her God-given vision. It was an amazing night. but, that really doesn’t express how she impacted the lives of those in attendance. Allow me to share with you one of the things she did that impacted me.


“Winning Africa for Jesus.’ I don’t know if that is Tamryn’s vision statement or just a tagline. As she was speaking about “Winning Africa for Jesus,” she showed us a map of Africa. She spoke about the crusades in Ethiopia and told us Ethiopia is pivotal in the fight to win Africa. She shared the challenges she has in putting together a crusade. The high cost of the crusades and the increased cost of larger crusades. She told us about her needs, she told us about the souls that would be won. She told us about the ministry teams that are in place to disciple and mentor new converts. Local pastors are excited about being included in the crusades. They are thrilled and prepared to minister to the new converts. We were educated on the needs and challenges that face Africa. The sheer size of Africa is daunting. None of the obstacles she shared appeared to faze her. All she see’s is God’s provision and how He plans to use her to overcome them.


You know what she did not say, she did not say “if.” Never did she say if you don’t help me this won’t get done. “If” was not used as a qualifier. If we give, if God provides, if we believe. ‘If” was left out of the conversation. Once you remove the word “if” everything becomes an action. She is totally focused on bringing about what God has preordained. She actually believes and expects to win Africa for Jesus. Did I mention Africa is huge? She never said her vision was subject to the support of a man. She said she needed money but never insinuated that if we did not provide the support it would not happen. Her dependence for provision is on of God. She is committed beyond her life to accomplish this goal. Her plan is for a generational ministry. One that will continue her vision if she does not complete it. “Winning Africa for Jesus” is not a tagline or a vision statement it’s her life’s mission.


What does that have to do with business? How big is your vision? Is it citywide, is it statewide is it countrywide, is it worldwide? Is it in you? This thin African woman is totally committed to fulfilling her God-given dream. She is not looking back or making excuses. Is your business vision big enough? Are you short-changing yourself by not letting God establish your vision? For me, she has torn down my level of expectation. She’s made me realize God has so much more for me than I had imagined. I have to stop, take a look at what I am doing and ask God to declare the vision for my life. Is there a dream a vision God has given you that you have put away because it was too big? It is too big because God wants us to be completely dependent on Him for its fulfillment. He is allowing us to be a small part of His eternal plan. When your vision is bigger than you are, that’s when you know you have the proper vision.

Tamyrn’s website www.inhisname.org.za


Enlarge my Territory

Something to think about.
Enlarge my Territory
Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request. 1 Chronicles 4:10
“And God granted His request.” How, what did that look like? Does it mean that mystically without explanation it was accomplished? Did Jabez wake up the next day and find every boundary of His life magically multiplied?  NO!!!!!!!! Jabez did not wake up the next day and poof everything was enlarged. He had to find other people to help him.
The prayer of Jabez, if it is anything at all is a prayer to open the doorway of opportunities in your life. The Christian faith is described in the New Testament as a body. We are one body working in concert to do the will and purpose of God. What does the prayer of Jabez have to do with the body of Christ? You can’t do it alone. If you want to receive the blessings as Jabez did, you must do it in concert with other Godly people. Must they be Godly? Yes. Does God bless the ungodly? No!! He uses them. They are puppets He uses to bless and save His people. They are unknowing clogs in the will of God.
 We will not be granted our requests if we are an island unto ourselves. The greatest need of Christianity is for the body of Christ to work as the body of Christ. If you want the prayer of Jabez to be factual in your life find Godly people who will counsel you. So that you may receive the blessings of an enlarged territory. You just cannot do it alone.