In a Hospital Room

By Ruben Figueroa

It was late about one or two in the morning.

The room was quiet and dark, as dark as a hospital room ever gets. There were the lights from the monitors, the light coming in through the bottom of the door and the night lights of the city below.  It was cold as the air conditioning appeared to be set to zero.

I was tired but awake.   I had just gone through the most physically traumatic events of my life.

I had survived heart by-pass surgery, an emergency ileostomy and my kidneys had stopped working.

As I lay there in my bed trying to look at the street lights I felt the presence of God, he said ” I’ve heard the prayers of the many for you.”

That was  all he said.  But what I heard and understood was, I will always be with you.  In that moment he gave me peace, strength, rest and an assurance  that I was safe in his hands.  I was loved.  It was not a rah-rah moment.  It was not a get up and yell moment.  It was what I needed, it was God being my father. Assuring me that he was there and that he would take care of me.  It was not a hallucination, I had hallucinations before he arrived and after he left. I knew what a hallucination was. His presence will never be misunderstood.

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