Cherish the Moment

By Kristina Clarke

On one of my many Sunday service visits to Faith Assembly at Goldenrod in 2011, an usher serving on the balcony section of the sanctuary encouraged me. I had arrived shortly after the worship service had begun.  I walked down the back row with my head hanging down only to find a seat and listen to whatever sermon would be preached. As I found my seat I remained standing to worship to the remaining songs.  I didn’t greet anyone. Shortly after the basket was being passed for the offering and at this moment, I received my encouragement from the usher.  I sadly took the basket, as I had nothing to put in. I went to hand the basket to the usher and she looked at me and placed her hand on my shoulder and said something along the lines of “You know God thinks you’re beautiful. You’re special in his eyes.” I had no idea that my countenance had inspired these words of encouragement but I was thankful for the usher’s discerning spirit and her boldness in sharing those words with me.  I was almost brought to tears when these words were spoken to me. Aside from that I had felt that something inside of me opened up.  It was as if oxygen began to flow right through me, and my spirit was renewed.

I’ll forever cherish this one on one moment that God gave me. I hope to return it one hundred fold to fellow believers.

God Bless!


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