Are You Hungry, Have You Despise Your Birthright

Something to think about.

Are You Hungry, Have You Despise Your Birthright

32 And Esau said, “Look, I am about to die; so what is this birthright to me?” Genesis 25:32
I’ve worked all day. It’s been one of those days when I have not made time to eat.  I am exhausted tired and hungry. I am so hungry all I can think of is food. I come in the door, and all I want to know about is eating. Would you at that point sell your future for food? This is the situation Esau finds himself in when his brother will only give him food if he trades him his birthright. Birthright in modern terms is his inheritance. Esau had a considerable inheritance, and he sold it for a plate of food.   
You may think what a bizarre thing to do. You and I would not have given up such an inheritance given the same situation. We definitely would not have given it all up for a plate of food. How about a drink, a feast, a one night stand? Would we sell our inheritance for a political party, fashion, a celebrity? A star, a king. Would you trade it for a kingdom, an empire? Would you sell your inheritance for instant gratification? Would you sell it so you can escape your present condition?  What would you trade your birthright your inheritance for?  
As ludicrous as it may appear for Esau to have traded his birthright for a plate of food we are no different.  We sell our inheritance our heritage for much less. We will sell our inheritance for fear of what people think of us. We worry about what people who come in and out of our lives think.
Esau traded his inheritance because he lost sight of it. All he could see was the immediate, the now, self-gratification. Had he thought about it for just a second he would have walked away hungry. The creator of the universe has promised you an eternal inheritance. An inheritance that will surpass your imagination in ways you can’t conceive.  What he has promised us is unassailable it can’t be stolen, lost, misplaced or denied. But it can be sold. What will you sell it for? What will you sell your eternal inheritance for? Or are you willing to walk away hungry today that you might gain your inheritance tomorrow? Do you realize Esau could have walked out of the tent? Walked over to his fathers or mothers tent a few feet away and been fed? Will you like Esau disparage your inheritance? That you will not walk away from that which will steal your victory. Will you sell your inheritance for a temporary satisfaction? Esau would get hungry again. 

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