Day of Disaster

Something to think about.
Day of Disaster
4 The Lord works out everything to its proper end—
even the wicked for a day of disaster. Proverbs 16:4 New International Version (NIV)
For those of you who think you are outside the will and plan of God. This is for you. This verse states two realities. The first is that no one is outside the plans of God. He will not waste anything you may not understand how it all comes together, but God does. Secondly, the wicked will be used by God to accomplish His purpose. It does not say He created the wicked it says He will use the wicked. God knows you, He knows everything about you. If you think that you are beyond His reach that you are beyond anything He can do you are wrong.  There is no side line in the journey of life you are in the game you can’t opt out. You are going to be used by God for His purposes. Make no mistake God is going to use you, and it will always be to His glory. The only choice you have is if you are going to be saved and glorified by Him. Or will you be condemned and cursed by Him?

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