Something to think about.


10 Better is one day in your courts
    than a thousand elsewhere;
I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God
    than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Psalm 84:10 (NIV)

The court of a monarch, or at some periods an important nobleman, is a term for the extended household and all those who regularly attended on the ruler or central figure. It can also refer to the physical residence of the monarch where the court resides or a series of complexes.

It is better to be an attendant of God than to be associated with the wicked.   David is saying,  service to God is incomparably better than freedom to sin. The greatest pleasure of sin is not equal to the being part of the court (attendants) of God.

The greatest fallacy that humanity has accepted, ingested propagated and believed is the idea that sin is more pleasurable and desirable than being in the presence of God.  We try to negotiate with God, allow me this sinful pleasure. As if any sinful desire is equal to the least of Gods blessing. David is advocating the exact opposite there is no sin that is equal to the benefit of being, (pay attention) simply being in His presence. His presence, without Him doing anything at all, is better than any and all sinful pleasures.



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