Testimonies of Faith


Testimonies of Faith



Five years ago I had a major heart attack. I was in the hospital for six weeks and had serious complications. My kidneys failed, I had emergency surgery due to internal bleeding caused by a section of my bowls had become necrotic. My blood pressure all but disappeared.  About a week after I was released from the hospital I had another heart attack due to an artery completely clogging.  When they performed the bypass surgery, they were not able to bypass one artery because of where it was. The arteries in my heart are not normal, so a stent or angioplasty was not and option.

I wanted to share my experience with my family, however, do to the some of the side effects of the bypass I could not put two words together in a sentence in writing. It took two years before I could write coherently again. So I decided to start a blog for the sole purpose of sharing my experience with my family. I wanted them to know what happened as well as how God had brought me through.  To my surprise, other people started to following my blog.  It occurred to me that there probably were other people in the church that had a similar experience.  I started a writing group in the church to put these stories together, but it was not the right time. I could not get enough interest in the project. Our group did some other things, and members of our group did go on to publish books. But the testimony book was not done.

In May of this year, a new pastor took over the ministry which oversees our small group, and he suggested we write a book of testimonies.

Five years after my heart attack, the book is a reality.  The book is titled ‘Testimonies of Faith.” For those of you who attend Faith Assembly of God in Orlando Florida, the book will be available for sale this Sunday, Dec. 18, 2016. For everyone else, the book will be available on Amazon in the next few days. Since I am one of the authors and contributors of this book, I am very excited to see it in print. The testimonies in this book are stories that show how God is involved in the lives of your neighbors and friends. They are great moving stories that will encourage and inspire you in your faith or bring you to faith. All of the proceeds from the book will be donated to the youth ministry at Faith Assembly Of God in Orlando Florida.




3 responses to “Testimonies of Faith

  1. Congratulations on the publication of “Testmonies of faith”. I’ll be buying some copies at the bookstore this Sunday. God bless you

  2. I love testimonials! Nothing more unassailable than one’s personal stories of the intervention of the Lord! Way to keep writing, my friend!

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