To God be the Glory.


By William Acevedo

November 1


By the Grace of God and His mercy, on October 12th, I was able to realize one of my dreams-to go on a missions trip. Let me go back in time a bit. In 2005, while trying to complete my PT, (physical training), at Seminole State College, to become an Auxiliary Deputy, I was hit with the shocking reality, that I had severe RA, (Rheumatoid Arthritis). Shortly after that I had knee surgery on both my knees. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue my dream and drop from the police academy. But the Lord had another purpose for me. In 2006 I started attending Faith Assembly and shortly after that was born again, in Christ. For several years I had a dream to go on a missions trip abroad. I always had the excuse, I have the time but not the money. Several months ago the Lord tugged at my heart and said you are going to Dominican Republic. I said okay, but how, I don’t have the money. But then I said to myself, if the Lord is calling me, I’m going to go, I’m not going to question it. So when Tim Mackey asked for a commitment to DR13, I quickly replied to his email and said, I commit, put my name down on your list. Mind you, I was still a little skeptical about my financial situation. But I said again, I must go because the Lord has called me to do it. Right after that commitment, the enemies attacks started. My knees started to hurt and give me a hard time walking, then my car was rear-ended, one evening on the way home from church, my health started to be an issue, as we neared the October 12th date. Six days before leaving for Dominican Republic, the transmission on my car broke. But I said, Lord I can’t worry about this now, I have to keep my focus on DR13. I’ll worry about the car when I return. On Saturday morning of October 12th, we left for Dominican Republic. I started to feel the Holy Spirit working in us and the joy that we felt as we boarded the plane. When we reached CIMA del Rey-the mountain of God, We could feel the presence of the Lord and the Holy Spirit. I was told that there was this infamous staircase that lead to the bottom of the mountain, which we had to climb once or twice a day. Tim called it, “Stairway to Heaven”. We got our assignments, praised God, had supper, met Woody and his daughter Sugeily. The love of God was surely on that mountain. The six days that I was there, I walked up and down that dreaded stairway, which consisted of 107, uneven steps, not to mention the fifty steps to our sleeping quarters, twice a day and sometimes three. NOT once did my knees ever give me a hard time or felt any pain, in all that time I was there. Our God is an awesome. We had several testimonies and declarations from all our sisters and brothers. There was joy, love, passion, compassion, unity and anointing. Tears were shed and lives remade. I can’t wait to go on my second and third and fourth missions trip. I encourage, I challenge you, if you are a Christian, walking the Christ walk, you need to go in a missions trip, even if it’s just one. Don’t say, I don’t have the money, I didn’t. Don’t say you don’t have the time, I didn’t have the time. Don’t say, you’re not healthy, I wasn’t. God will make a way, where there seems to be no way. All of us from team DR13, had massive attacks from the enemy, but we made it to Dominican Republic. One of my favorite verses is Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank you Faith Assembly and pastor Carl and all those who contributed with donations and prayers, to make this missions trip to DR a success. May God bless you and move you to take up this challenge.


One response to “To God be the Glory.

  1. Great testimony. We need more of this. Be blessed.

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