Eph 4-11

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By Kristina Clarke

The college degree I completed just outside of two years ago was in Elementary Teaching. Leading up to the completion of this degree, I was continuously advised of how my education would take me places. I would be able to influence my community and reap the financial rewards of being part of the working world. My parents and the parents of the children I knew gave the agenda of being a graduate of the “that” university and receiving the title of the “this”, at so an so.

From a worldly view I know that I have the qualification to teach elementary students however, would it also be possible that I can be a teacher of students of God’s word? Is it possible that I can reap rewards from both?

On one of my many devotionals, I came across the scripture Ephesians 4:11 “It is he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers” (N.I.V).   I am glad the scripture uses the word “some” before each leadership title. God has a different purpose for each of our lives

However, as I meditated on the scripture throughout the day, it occurred to me to wonder if as Christians, do we not have an obligation to know of and use our gifts within the local church? Is it possible that our career paths can have a dual purpose?

Having a college education has allowed me to work out some kinks when it comes to choosing a career path. Most of the things my parents and other adults have hoped for as a result of my going to college have been done. However, is it possible that I have a higher calling and purpose in God’s kingdom?

Going forward my prayer is that I pursue the respectful position of an Elementary Teacher. However, if at anytime God’s favor requires me to do more, my answer will be “Yes Lord.”

Kristina Clarke


One response to “Eph 4-11

  1. Who hoo! What a great post! Your on your ways Sister! Your both a Teacher and Writer now. Wonderful job!

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